Captain K Seafood Tower | Captain K Seafood Tower (Middle Road) – New K-Skewers & Army Stews For Lunch!
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Captain K Seafood Tower (Middle Road) – New K-Skewers & Army Stews For Lunch!

Captain K Seafood Tower (Middle Road) – New K-Skewers & Army Stews For Lunch!

Captain K Seafood Tower has just given their Middle Road outlet a new facelift. The two-storey restaurant now serves Korean Skewers, as well as, their Special Captain K Army Stews available only during lunch hours. While people living abroad have easy access to the coasts for delicious seafood, we can savour the plethora of shellfish choices conveniently at Captain K.

K-Skewers from K-ju

Enjoy a variety of Korean skewers and soju at K-ju, located at the ground floor of Captain K Seafood Tower. The selection consists of pork belly, chicken, Wagyu beef, Mackerel, Bacon Enoki, Bacon Asparagus, and Bacon Pineapple, with each skewer priced between $3.50 to $9.80! Do note that you have to order a minimum of 2 skewers.

The Wagyu beef skewer features a bold Asian flavour profile, bursting with savoury and sweet goodness from its secret marinade. The beef is tender and juicy – simply irresistible. The Bacon Enoki skewer is not just a hot favourite among children. We love munching on the slightly crispy bacon enveloping the enoki mushrooms.

One of our team mates also enjoyed the pork belly skewer that arrived with its fatty layers glistening. The skewers really whet our appetites for more food! Pair your skewers with Ju-Pack ($14.90), new refreshing soju cocktails with 4 different flavours for you to choose from. Visit for more information.

Army Stews for Lunch

For a more substantial meal, go for the value-for-money set lunches! At $28.80++ per stew, you get to choose between 4 flavours, namely beef, pork, seafood, and vegetarian. The broth is different for each of the army stew. The vegetarian version features mushroom soup, with a tinge of sweetness coming from the vegetables that you’ll be dunking in. Udon is also included in the vegetarian soup. This healthier option with a lighter broth is perfect for sharing among office ladies, as you wouldn’t have to fight the zzz-monster after bingeing during lunch!

Being meat lovers, we prefer the pork stew as the broth is richer, more robust, and more flavourful. It actually gets quite addictive after a few mouthfuls.

Seafood Towers

Captain K’s seafood tower has taken Singapore by storm. They offer 3-tiers ($68.90), 5-tiers ($128.90), 7-tiers ($198.90), and 9-tiers ($328.90) seafood tower where a variety of seafood are cooked layer by layer from top to bottom to delight your senses. We had the 9-tiers Seafood Tower which is good for 8 pax. Beginning from top down, we had steamed half-shell scallops marinated in garlic and scallion. The huge, plump, and juicy scallops go well with Captain K’s zesty Thai green chilli sauce.

Next, there are prawns, oysters, and mussels. Dip your prawns in the yuzu doenjang sauce for a tangy twist. Captain K is very generous with the size of the oysters. They are rich and smooth, but a tad too fishy for our liking. The homemade Korean soy sauce isn’t strong enough to cover up the fishiness. As for the mussels, we recommend drenching the spicy Korean bean paste over them.

Clams and Japanese stuffed squids are also part of the 9-tiers Seafood Tower. The clams are well-prepared as they have been washed thoroughly, and do not exude any odour. Immerse the clams in the Thai green chilli sauce for a nice kick! The stuffed squids, on the other hand, are slightly chewy, with its flavours enhanced by the seasoning.

The more luxurious items are the lobsters, and Alaskan crabs. The flesh is fresh, with a hint of crustacean sweetness, but they have been steamed for too long till the texture is a little too tough. If you’re a fan of spicy food, pair your lobsters with the sambal belachan. This will certainly knock your socks off.

As the seafood is steamed, the delicious juices are collected at the ‘seabed’, forming a super flavourful soup base. It comes in three variations, from a classic Kombu Dashi, to a house-made Korean kimchi stew, to a uniquely Korean-inspired ginseng chicken broth. You can add on extra ingredients from the self-serve kiosk while indulging in the rich and briny goodness of the broth. The pricing of each ala carte ingredient depends on the colour of the plates.

To complete your meal, toss back a couple of Korean beer or Korean soju which go refreshingly well with the steamed seafood. Captain K is perfect for gatherings with your loved ones, whether you have an occasion to celebrate or are just looking for a catch-up session.


Address: #01-00, Midland House, 112 Middle Road, Singapore 188970

Phone: 6255 5744


Opening Hours: Tue-Sun Lunch 11.30am to 2pm. Mon-Thu Dinner 5.30pm to 10.30pm. Fri & Sat Dinner 5pm to 11pm. Sun Dinner 5pm to 10.30pm. Only open for dinner on Mondays.

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